BBW Cathy crushes a doll under her tires
BBW Cathy shrunk a bitch to doll size. This girl always bitched about big girls, telling people that they look disgusting and so on - of course Cathy can't just ignore that! She drives over her little victim with her heavy car and flattens the little body under her tires until only deformed pieces are left behind!
Sexy Jenny crushes a group of dolls
Sexy Jenny is a true dominant female. She loves to dominate other people and is turned on by imagination of totally destroying them. This time she has a chance to! She transformed a group of people to very tiny dolls and places them in front of her car tire and simply overruns them!
Russian Christina crushes a card box
Christina from Russia had a really bad day and when she comes home she realizes her boyfriend still hasn't carried an empty card box out into the garbage can. She starts to stomp the card box while she's still wearing her cute High Heels, leaving deep marks in the carton. Afterwards she flattens it totally using her bare feet!
Jenny flattens a teddy under her ass
Jenny likes the feeling of stuff getting crushed and flattened by her sexy ass. She places a small stuffed animal on the couch and sits down on it. The teddy gets immediately flattened under her hard skin-tight jeans. But she doesn't feel enough so she takes her jeans off and sits down on the teddy wearing only her underwear!
A doll is crushed by Alicia
Latina Alicia wants to crush a girl she shrunk down to doll size. But it's just too hard work to crush it with only her body weight. So she takes her out to the parking lot, throws her on the hard ground and crushes her under her car! She drives over the tiny girl over and over again until her whole body is distorted!
Jessica over-runs a Teddy
Jessica's boyfriend broke up with her and she found this teddy he bought for her as a gift. To get rid of the teddy she gets outside on this snowy day, throws the teddy on the cold snow, gets into her car and aims for the teddy! It gets totally flattened under the heavy car and she even burns the tire out on it.
Jessy refines a cake under her butt
Jessy prepares a cake for you! She though she could refine it a little bit for you and places it on a chair. She wears only a tiny thong when she sits down on the cake and doesn't stop until the cake is totally crushed and her whole butt is covered with little cake pieces. Now you can enjoy the cake refined by her ass and you can lick the cake remains from her sexy butt.
Jenny sits down on a shrunken guy
Jenny transformed this guy who always tried to hit on her into a tiny doll. She places him on a bar stool and sits down on his tiny body with her sexy jeans ass. Her ass is so big compared to him you don't even see him anymore when she sits on him! He's completely covered by the giantess ass of the girl he adores so much - crushed under her amazingly sexy ass!
Katja crushes a hummer toy car
A slave sent this hummer toy car to his mistress Katja so she can crush it as a punishment for him! She places it on top of the metal ladder and tries to crush it under her sexy butt. But she can't crush it completely using her ass so she throws it on the ground and stomps it under her winter boots until there's nothing left but very tiny pieces!
Race car gets stomped by High Heels
Katja took this race car from the collection of one of her slaves. He bought this ridiculous toy car instead of buying a nice present for his mistress! She throws it on the hard tiled floor and crushes it under her sexy high heels. She even kicks it against the wall when it makes ridiculous engine sounds to make it shut the fuck up!